Technical And Engineering Services

Technical And Engineering Services

Doing all the calculations and designing the products and related subcategories to the rail fleet is one of most important services which is being performed currently in the engineering department of Green Polour industrial group.

These services include designing all of the parts related to production of rail fleet such as production lines, necessary tools in production lines and final products such as passenger and freight wagons. Examples of important projects being executed in this area, designing production lines for mineral transportation freight wagons and hopper wagons.

Technical And Engineering Services

Product optimization, reducing costs, increasing production efficiency, domestically producing the parts and the main compartments, supporting production lines, editing the quality control criteria, collaboration in preparing a quality assurance program, welding engineering from design to training and monitoring and offering technical services to the quality control team from entering the factory to the end of the production line, all are the most important tasks of this department.

Reverse engineering and creating maps and editing processes in producing different types of bodies for railway vehicles side by side with setting up testing abilities, are part of the other activities of the engineering division in the company.

Capabilities Of Technical And Engineering Services Unit

Designing decorations for passenger wagon for all types of uses

Design of passenger wagon 2000 km / h

Designing a productive restaurant wagon

Design of various types of freight wagons

Design of various fixtures and production tools

Design of passenger wagon ventilation system

Transfer of knowledge and technical support for the production of subway metro

Transfer of knowledge and technical support for the production of various types of locomotives

Transfer of knowledge and technical support for the production of self-propelled wagons

Transfer of knowledge and technical support of all types of freight and passenger bogies