After Sales Service

After Sales Service

In today’s business, focus on high quality is one of the most important responsibilities of manufacturing companies and after sales service is the guarantor of preservation for this quality. Due to this, Green Polour industrial group, doesn’t believe that a sale means the end of communication with their customer and has established the after-sales service unit with the aim of protecting customer rights which is high on its agenda.

The Abilities Of After-Sales Service Unit

Handling Received Reports

Handling received reports from operating companies in regards to detecting the guarantee criteria and presenting analytical report about the damages to the customer

Support Services

Supporting and updating specialist softwares that are used for manufacturing products

Garantee Services

Full coverage of garantee services and outside of the guarantee criteria using specialist personal of after-sale service unit and production support

Spare Parts Supply

Able to offer spare parts if needed by the customer

Provide Service And Repairs

Offering free service and periodic repairs under the guarantee period of the products

Customer Surveys

Conduct surveys in order to improve the process of offering after-sale service