Freight Wagon

Freight wagon (Mineral type)

Green Polour industrial group, in order to reach the target of 1404 documentation vision for production of railway fleet in the country, has started the design and production of freight wagons (Mineral type) This type of wagon makes possible the transport of minerals and similar products(Iron ore, coal,...) in the best conditions possible. This type of freight wagons, through sticking to high design and making standards, are able to easily transport 68 tons of minerals with attention given to the four axises being well-heeled.

Property amount
Pure Mass 21/5Ton
Maximum Load Volume 67/8m^3
Wagon Length 14230mm
Load Length 12690mm
Wagon Width 3100mm
Wagon Height 3190mm
Distance between the two rails 1435mm
Max speed without cargo 120km/h
Max speed with cargo 100km/h
Axial Cargo 22/5 ton
Hatch No hatch