Mineral Transportation Wagon


Mineral transportation wagon is one of the other tools and necessities in regards to utilization and extraction of different underground and open pit mines(Manganese, coal, chrome, lead etc) and also can be used in transporting an adequate amount of dirt within the city tunnels. Taking into consideration the special geographical conditions of Kerman and the existence of different mines in this state, Green Polour industrial group utilized their intra-organizational experience and ability and using the factory’s geographical conditions and location, began the designing and manufacturing of mineral transportation trolleys. Mineral transportation trolleys have the ability to travel on rails and are able to empty the minerals inside of it 90 degrees from both sides with minimum implied force from the worker. The body of these trolleys is made of ST52 steel and the wheels are made of anti-wear and anti-spark cast iron. The mineral transportation trolley is able to transport 1.5 ton of coal and the other beneficial aspect of these trolleys is the fast and easy installation of them on the rails.

Property amount
Pure mass 700kg
Volume of loading 800Lit
Length of wagon 1829mm
Width of wagon 1006mm
Height of wagon 1268mm
Wheelbase distance 600mm
Number of axis 2
Material of wheel Cast iron
Drain valve 2
Axial load 1 ton
Break system lacks breaks