Technical & Engineering Services

Doing all the calculations and designing the products and related subcategories to the rail fleet is one of most important services which is being performed currently in the engineering department of Green Polour industrial group.

These services include designing all of the parts related to production of rail fleet such as production lines, necessary tools in production lines and final products such as passenger and freight wagons. Examples of important projects being executed in this area, designing production lines for mineral transportation freight wagons and hopper wagons.

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Reconstruction, Renovation And Fixing Rail Fleet Services

The existence of knowledge and production skills side by side with production equipment has given the opportunity to Green Polour industrial group to in addition to producing railway products, is able to easily and to a moderate quality perform overhauls and reconstruction of different rail fleets available in the country. Examples for the projects related to these services can be reconstruction of passenger wagons for the companies Raja and Joupar and reconstruction of different freight wagons and locomotive units.

After Sales Services

In today’s business, focus on high quality is one of the most important responsibilities of manufacturing companies and after sales service is the guarantor of preservation for this quality. Due to this, Green Polour industrial group, doesn’t believe that a sale means the end of communication with their customer and has established the after-sales service unit with the aim of protecting customer rights which is high on its agenda.