Introducing the factory

Introducing The Factory

Green Polour Industrial Group (GPIG) is one of the few units of domestic Mannfacturing which has valid operating license, and is operating under license and standard process in the field of manufacturing passenger and freighter wagons and city train(metro) and also renovation and overhauling of different types of wagons. GPIG’s factory with the brand name “Green Polour” and approximate area of 120 hectares, started its activity in the city of Zarand in Kerman around 2006 and currently the factory is performing its activities under 32000 squre meter of production. This franchise, by planning to build a new production space of approximately 6000 squre meter and utilizing specialist labor, was able to produce a huge share of the domestic production through two previous decades of successful and effective manufacturing. Currently this factory is operating in three lines of passenger wagon production, hopper wagon production and freight cargo wagons production. At the moment, the total capacity of yearly production of this factory includes 850 different units of passenger and freight wagons.